Are You Building YOUR List? Or Joe's? Or Jill's?

It is a fact, that by using replicated pages all programs are offering in their backoffices, the members of these programs are building program owners' contact lists. While promoting replicated pages of different programs, newbie marketers are leaving thousands of dollars on the table... and are giving the program owners the chance to collect them!

To become successful online, an internet marketer needs his own mailing list.

Of course, it is possible to buy a list, but in the most cases buying leads is only waste of money. Much better is to build a list. To create his own list, a marketer needs at least:

  • an autoresponder;
  • lead capture pages;
  • a place to host them;
  • a good offer for their potential subscribers

This is the minimum set of internet marketing tools, which is necessary for listbuilding. It is possible to purchase all these products and services separately, from different sources and providers. In this case, the cost would be 50 - 60 dollars a month, if not more. Quite expensive, especially for the beginning marketers, who haven't made any money yet!


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All In One Profits is a reliable, International Trade Mark registered company, which offers every single list building/marketing tool listed above

and even more, for only $11.50 monthly on Basic level! Included in price are:

  • double opt-in autoresponder, with unlimited campaigns and unlimited subscribers, which is just awesome! Mebers of AIOP have never pay more for an additional campaign or for next 1000 subscribers on your list. Priceless for team leaders: Pro members ($21.74 monthly) have also campaign share option;

  • page builder for lead capture pages (also known as opt-in or squeeze pages). With help of video tutorials on site even newbies can create their pages easily. After making a couple of them, page building becomes a real fun. The icing on the cake: no worries about hosting, these pages are hosted at the same place, on page builder!

  • webhosting - every member of AIOP has the right to get Premium Web Hosting. 500MB disk space and 5GB bandwidth are more than enough for a wordpress blog for your marketing needs. Domain name isn't included, it is the only thing members have to buy separately, but they also can use the subdomain of AIOP, which is free;

  • link tracker - this way a marketer learns where the hits to his page are coming from. Knowing this helps to save him time, energy and money, and avoid unresponsive advertising;

  • link rotator - members of AIOP can rotate their different lead capture pages, or any other pages they like to

There are actually much more interesting things to find in members' area of All In One Profits, but now it's time to talk about the last but not least thing a marketer needs to build his list,

  • a good offer for his potential subscribers. What could be better than AIOP itself? On basic level, there is no admin fee, only a tiny payment processor fee of $1.50. It means, with only ONE referral, members have the complete set of internet marketing tools ALMOST for free!

The compensation plan of AIOP is absolutely unique

There is no matrix to fill, it isn't 1-up, 2-up or 4-up... much better, it is EVEN up! Every member keeps his uneven referrals (1st, 3rd, 5th and so on), and passes his even referrals (2nd, 4th, 6th and so on) up to his sponsor. Each referral in HIS fixed downline passes his even referrals up to HIM... and there's no limit to how many referrals (referred by himself or passed up) a member can have! It goes to infinity in both directions, WIDE and DEEP. The video below explains exactly, how it works!

The earning possibility is unlimited with AIOP!

It may sound shocking, but everything said above about making money with AIOP is just a beginning! Until yet, we only scratched the surface! Promoting AIOP when using its marketing tools, members are building their

MAILING LISTS in one of the HOTTEST niches ever: Working/Making Money from Home.

They can offer their subscribers other internet marketing tools, ClickBank items, e-books, software... they can grow their downlines in every program they join, win prizes in every referral contest... the possibilities are UNLIMITED indeed.

It is like printing money on demand!

Every journey starts from the first step. Take Your first step towards unlimited income NOW!

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90% of work is done for you already!
Here's what you'll get:

  • ready-made lead capture pages;
  • ready-made autoresponder campaign;
  • pre-written followup emails;
  • pre-written high performing ad copies;
  • best advertising pages and traffic sources

That is over $1050 in value, yours FREE!

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